Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dr Oz talks Lyme Disease

 This week, Dr Mehmet Oz, who hosts a talkshow on US TV, with viewing rating far exceeding a million, brought his audience's attention to Lyme disease.

With Lyme there are so many unknowns which create controversies, so the information discussed was not especially 'deep' - he did not delve into the intricacies of the disease, testing methods, or treatment.  What he did was bring Lyme to the attention of MANY people with a simple overview of the stages of Lyme, the symptoms at different stages, and the acknowledgement of a "chronic" version (also referred to as late-stage or disseminated Lyme disease).  The clip also shows exactly how to remove a tick - with a giant tick and giant tweezers prop.

These short clips from the show are definitely worth watching - take 6 minutes to watch something essential and please share to help someone else avoid chronic illness:

Lyme Disease: Dr Oz Show 5/5/14


Lyme Disease: Dr Oz Show 5/5/14

 For those not familiar with the name, Dr Oz rose to fame with his appearances on the Oprah show and is a definite celebrity in the US (TV) medical world.  His C.V. is definitely impressive - he earned a medical degree and an MBA, at an Ivy League University; and now hosts his own talk show while still working as a cardio-thoracic surgeon in NYC.  To add a little twist to his conventional knowledge, his wife is known to favour holistic treatments and Eastern healing which he has incorporated into some of his own methods. Between them they have also published several books.  For a little bio on Dr Oz, check out this New York Times article (from 2010).   


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